"EZ School Lunch provided us with an easily-implemented tool that greatly increased our efficiency in collecting and managing daily lunch counts. 100% positive staff response was expressed after implementation. Customer support has been very immediate and responsive. I would definitely recommend School Lunch Counter to anyone looking for a solution to simplify and improve the daily lunch count process."

Brandy Shelton, Technology Director
Rogersville City School System


"EZ School Lunch is great! It has increased our efficiency in managing the daily lunch counts, no more paperwork. It is very easy to use and the whole staff loves it. Customer support has been very responsive. I would definitely recommend it to anyone to simplify their daily lunches."

Corpus Christi School, Evansville IN


"This application was extremely simple to use. It gave us more time to prepare our food instead of dealing with daily lunch count. We highly recommend this product."

Barbara Nilson, Food Service Personnel
Delaney School System


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"Easy to use and the whole staff loves it"

"100% positive staff response"

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